Infinite questions crop up in a homeowner’s mind when a pest invasion takes place. How did the annoying bugs get in? Will they get away on their own? Can I take out the pests myself? Should I call a pest exterminator? Which pest service must I get?

We understand…there is plenty to think over to make sure you successfully remove the bug problem while spending the lowest possible price. And we are here to tell you there is in fact a happy medium with effective pest control and pricing. To attain this happy medium for cost effective pest control service, you have to get a regular service that comes frequent enough to put off bugs from being on your property without being overkill. Regular pest control service keeps bugs away all year at a price you can pay for.

How do I decide Pest Control Treatment Frequency?

Bring in the experts. Wait for them to spend at least an hour poking around every corner of your home, crawl space, attic and yard. Don’t be amazed if they discover an infestation you didn’t even make out you had. Not all pests are of high visibility.

When they are done, they will have recognized your issues, how awful they are and what it’s going to take to knock them out. With that information, they will design a treatment schedule that will keep the pests away. And they will ensure to turn up timely for every appointment with an advance confirmation call to remind you of their visit.

How often should I have a Pest Control Treatment done?


Frequency of Pest Control Treatment depends on the location of your house and the pest density. If your home is affected by a common pest such as cockroaches or silverfish, a bi-monthly service must be adequate to keep them away. For example, if your house is situated in northeast then you can plan a quarterly service data and carry out the same results. But if you live in a region such as Texas where certain ants are hard to overcome, then one would certainly want to have a monthly service. Check with us, but normally it is suggested to spray once every 6 months. Shorter or longer periods may be recommended, according to precise situations or business codes.

Although each infestation is different, the most cost-effective pest control is a bi-monthly (every two months) pest control service. However, there are some variables to think when making this choice. Happy Pest Solutions will offer treatment every other month and methodically examine every corner of your property for potential pest problems. You’re wholly protected from pests!

A customary bi-monthly service generally covers bugs like spiders, ants, crickets, silverfish, earwigs, and wasps. Any other insect may be measured a specialty pest. A bi-monthly service will work for specialty pests; inquire with your exterminator about service options for these types of bugs.

Why the bi-monthly service?

Usually, pesticides are helpful up to two months after distribution. With a bi-monthly service, Happy Pest Solutions will be able to re-apply the products so you always have a protection barrier for bugs.


After the first few services on the bi-monthly pest control plan, all nuisance pests in your home are eliminated and a more preventive approach is taken. Happy Pest Solutions continue to treat targeted pests and areas but put a heavier stress on recognizing potential pest problems. And frequently at this point, pest problems can be controlled from the exterior of your property.

Other service options like one-time treatment are a temporary solution. Sure, it guarantees services for 30 days, but after that? It will eradicate bugs on the surface but what about their eggs hidden deep within cracks or cervices. Then you are in the same vulnerable position as before for traces of ants and a mess of cobwebs & spiders.

What about your other pest control options?


You can also procure pest control products from a hardware store. Buying do-it-yourself (DIY) pesticides from a hardware store is another option you may consider. But also consider that the products at a hardware store are only what are obtainable at a consumer level. Commercial pest control products, only available to licensed pest control applicators, are more targeted and effective.

Are you ready to put in the time, effort and money into do-it-yourself pest control products?

You may finish up buying numerous products before you find one that effectively treats your pest invasion. It is not just a matter of spraying pesticides all over your property. You must also know techniques to attract pests to product and specific areas to distribute the product. Happy Pest Solutions is trained and knows how to tactically treat targeted areas and pests.

Ample time, money, and effort are required for effective DIY pest control.


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